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My gallery~

I love taking photos and writing fanfiction, so basically, I will be submitting photos I took, fanfiction, and the occasional drawing xD

So yeah. Bye love~


I have too many favorites.
Nearly half is most likely all Assassin's Creed related material lol



Winter in Spring in Winter by SonazeShadazelover
Winter in Spring in Winter
This photo was taken today, the day I got over a foot of snow in a single freakin' day.
Colorado has some wacky weather man xD
Anyway, I took this photo because there were small signs that showed spring was here, despite the random blizzard that appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
I also shoveled snow for approximately two hours with my dad and brother.
Yeah that was fun.

Taken with an iPhone5s

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Nine O'Clock










"Would you shut up?!" Riley burst out, shooting a furious glare at her smiling younger brother.  "I have a pocket watch Henry, I know what time it is.  I don't need you acting like Big Ben you know!"

"Well, yeah...but it's always fun to see you get riled up," the younger sibling replied slyly, grinning a cat-got-the-canary type of grin when his sister groaned and smacked the palm of her hand against her forehead in a facepalm.  A snicker reached her ears, which did not sound like Henry.  Must be Jacob then.

"And here I had wondered how you and Jacob get along so well.  Must be the younger sibling-itis all younger siblings catch at some point in their lives," Riley deadpanned, earning a choked cry of rage from the two younger brothers and an amused snort of laughter from the other older sister.

"Lies!  All lies!  Hold me Jacob, I think I'm going to faint," Henry moaned, dramatically collapsing on the Brit, who grinned as he wrapped his arms around the Korean's waist.  "I have been deeply wounded by your words Riley.  How could you?  And here I thought you loved me!"

Casting an amused glance in their direction, Tristan just chuckled softly and then looked at Riley, who was giving her younger brother a completely unamused look.  "Alpha Henry, I would be careful if I were you.  Who knows what Alpha Riley is thinking about.  She could be planning your murder this instant, and you wouldn't have a clue."

"Well, if that's the case..."  Pushing Jacob's arms off of his waist, the assassin shot off down the streets, laughing merrily when he heard footsteps right behind his.  "Catch me if you can Riley!"

Ember joined in on the chase, running side-by-side with her childhood friend, Riley.  "Let's go get him!" she whooped, easily keeping up with her leader.

"Come on.  It's good exercise," Tristan reasoned, winking at a smiling Evie and smirking Jacob before following suit.  The two Frye twins followed after the beta, while the rest of the pack took different routes, many using the rooftops so they could show off their freerunning skills or just simply for the thrill of it.  "Let's go Wolves!  Forward to London!"

The returning cheer was a chorus of wolf howls, ranging in pitch, length, and location.  Some came from higher up, some came from behind him, while others came from near him.

When they all arrived at Central Station at around nine-thirty, the eighteen other Wolves entered the train's various yet numerous carriages, while Henry, Jacob, and Evie hopped into the last carriage, which had a rather spacious lounge of sorts at the back, where one could easily relax and watch the scenery go by from the safety behind the railing.  There were even a couple of chairs and a small table.  Counting four chairs, Jacob settled down comfortably in one and placed his boots on another, ignoring Evie's annoyed sigh and Tristan's amused smile.  "Nice place you've got here Tristan."

"Thank you.  This was actually Ember's idea," the man said, sitting down in a chair beside Jacob and looking out at the station, smiling and waving at a couple of young children, who were staring at them curiously.  "She's very energetic and bright, but she's also calculating and ingenious.  It was brilliant really, thinking of using a train as a hideout so no one could really figure out where we were.  Riley simply added onto the idea, coming up with even more creative thoughts."

"It really is quite a good idea," Evie agreed, opting to lean against the strong steel railing of the lounge.  Hearing the familiar whistle of a train that signaled it was about to move, the woman held onto the railing as the train jerked forward slightly and then moved smoothly.  It was always interesting to watch the station slowly move away from you, or rather, you move away from the station.  She couldn't help but offer a small wave to a little child, who had starting waving her hands as soon as the train started to move.  Her family soon appeared, leading her away, but not before the girl waved one last time at Evie and then left with her parents and older brother.

While this had been happening, Tristan had been staring in the opposite direction, something blood-red having caught his eye.  "Oh dear...seems like there's a lone Blighter wandering around," he said calmly, stretching in his chair like a cat before standing up and leaning against the wall.  Within a few seconds, he had located the man's head, a hand resting on a gun under his military-cut coat, eyes never dropping from the enemy's head until the train had pulled away from the station completely and was now a good distance away.

Adjusting his top hat, Jacob leaned back in the chair and let his oh-so-familiar smirk rest on his lips, watching as Tristan sat back down and cracked his knuckles.  "You're quite the calm one, aren't you Tristan?"

"Aye.  I prefer stealth over anything else, but I do love me a good brawl," he answered, a brief smirk flashing across his face before it mellowed into a smile.  "Gotta find some way to put these brass knuckles to good use, you know?"

As the train continued down the tracks, Evie, being the more level-headed one of the two twins, asked Tristan where they were headed after a good twenty minutes of exchanging small talk and the occasional snarky comment dropped by one Jacob Frye.  Tristan answered that they were on their way to Lambeth, which was a good distance away.  "So basically, we will arrive there around one in the morning," Evie muttered to herself, eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"Actually, dear sister, it's two in the morning.  And why are we headed there anyway?" Jacob interrupted, eyes focusing on Tristan, full of questions and demanding answers.

"Henry Green will be meeting us there."

The three assassins started and whirled around to stare at the form of one smirking Riley and one exhausted Henry.  "Go to bed Eugene," she urged, elbowing her brother's ribs gently, smirk replaced by an affectionate smile.  "It's ten o'clock now, and you're obviously tired after running through the streets of London with two Wolves on your tail."

Mumbling something incoherently about sisters from of another mother, the man tiredly smiled at the other three before disappearing back into the compartment.

"Eugene?  Sisters from another mother?" Evie said in confusion.

"Eugene is his middle name.  I would have used his English name, but I would rather use Eugene since our other friend's name is also Henry.  Additionally, Eugene is easier to say and pronounce compared to his Korean name," Riley explained, shoving Jacob's feet off of the chair and then plopping down on it with a content sigh.  "As for the 'another mother' part, we come from the same parents, but I am more like our father and his sister than anyone else, while Henry is more like our mother and her brother.  It's quite amusing really."

Chuckling lowly at the explanation, Jacob threw an arm over the railing, looking extremely comfortable as he leaned back and then kicked his feet up on the table.  "That's a lot like Evie and I, in certain ways."

"Oh yes.  I prefer stealth while Jacob prefers brawls," Evie joked, eyes dancing with mirth.  "In fact, what is that saying that you say quite often?"  Grinning at his older twin, the man showed them his left hand, where brass knuckles gleamed menacingly.

"Leave the sneaking and spying to my sister.  Toss me my brass knuckles and point me to a good brawl."


FYI, that is an actual quote by Jacob lol

Also, at times when Henry Green and Henry Choi are both in the 'scene', per say, Henry Choi, aka Riley's younger brother by eighteen months, will be referred to as Eugene.

So yeah!  I hope you enjoyed this~

Favorite, Comment, Randomness?  Randomness is totally fine LOL

Number of words: Around 1300

Assassins in London (4)
I'm off to study for my chemistry test tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to that.
Ughhhhh stoichiometry needs to dieeee xD
Regardless, I hope you enjoyed!

Jacob Frye, Evie Frye, Henry Green, Rooks, Blighters © Ubisoft
Henry Choi, Riley Choi, Tristan Kim, Wolves of London © Me
Ember Martin © Rylee Hexner (a friend of mine)
Imma sophomore now .-.
And I recently discovered Ouran Highschool Host Club.
Through J. Michael Tatum, who voices Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler and Ootori Kyouya in Ouran Highschool Host Club.


SonazeShadazelover's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I was born in South Korea, moved to America when I was one, and lived in Arizona for 12 years. I now live in Colorado. I'm 15 years old as well, and my birfday (yes, that is intentionally misspelled) is August 5th ouo

I love:
-Kpop <3
-the Assassin's Creed franchise (AC Syndicate is my favorite)
-Anime =D
-Markiplier ^o^
-Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil
-Warrior Cats

Have a wonderful day.

(Find me on Instagram at kyuzizi.kittydae LOL 'KAY BAI)

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