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October 10, 2012


"Let's go to the workout gym, where the boys can show off their muscles, strength, and their sexy, muscular fit bodies.  while the girls show of their fit and long,lean, sexy bodies." Shadow suggested while Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Espio, Knuckles, Rouge, Michelle, (Michelle the Wolf, she has three tails, she's a real Sonic character, and Espio's girlfriend.), Fiona Fox, Platinum, (She is Silver's sister, someone on Devianart drew her), me, Blaze, and Amy Rose.  In case you don't get it, the couples are Knuxouge, Espshelle, (not sure), Scouriona, Silver and Platinum don't count they are siblings, Shadaze, and Sonamy.  "Well, " I, Blaze, said, "I suppose so.  We go to the gym every Saturday anyway, and today is Saturday, so yes, why not."  They brought the idea to Blaze's dad, only talking about working out, leaving out the other Things they were going to do.  "It's decided then, " Michael Flame, Blaze's dad, declared, "I approved it, so now Maria Flare, my wife, (Blaze's mom), has to approve it.  (Michael Flame and Maria Flare are mine, everyone else belongs to SEGA, just to let you know).  "Well," Maria Flare said, "I'll agree, since you always go to the gym, and I can't argue with that."  Both of Blaze's parents work out too, in the palace's gym, for they can't risk the outside.  Both are long, lean, sexy, muscular, (more muscles on dad), and would rather go for a long peaceful walk as normal citizens than be king and queen.  So, Sonic and the Crew walk to the gym...
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